INDEX - NATIONAL CERTIFICATE: Fruit Packing and Grading Processes (NQF 3)
8000 Apply basic business principles The business model for Inputs, Process, Outputs and Losses. How do businesses function.
Productivity and ways to improve it.
8973 Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes The importance of communication in the workplace.
Listening well.
Giving instructions and making sure your team understand it.
8968 Effective oral communication How to communicate effectively.
Conveying a message and getting feedback from your team.
8970 Effective written communication Writing reports in the workplace.
The use of correct writing structures and features.
8969 Interpret and use info from texts How to interpret messages from text, reports, and graphs.
How to extract info from text and display it in the form of graphs.
9010 Use of different number bases and measure units Basic maths, fractions, decimal figures and calculating percentages.
9012 Investigate problems using data and probabilities The importance of gathering data in the workplace.
Ways to gather data. Accuracy of data.
Drawing graphs from data, interpreting data, and presenting it to management.
9013 Describe, apply, analyse and calculate shape and motion Calculating areas and volume of the six basic shapes.
Calculating the no. of bins/pallets that can be stored in given place.
7456 Use mathematics to investigate and monitor financial issues Basic budgeting.
Drawing up budgets and monitoring actual costs.
115187 Explain product characteristics Fruit growth cycle and the harvesting of fruit. The nature of different fruit types and varieties.
Handling fruit according to fruit type and characteristics. Fruit life span and protocols.
115190 Basic requirements of the different fruit markets Nature of the fruit packing industry. Different markets and their requirements.
Fruit marketing with the focus on fruit quality. Logistics. PPECB specifications
115181 Apply hygiene procedures Sanitation procedures that are applicable in the different work areas, Food safety focus points.
Recognising poor hygiene practices. Personal hygiene in the workplace. HACCP and BRC.
115186 Apply safety and health procedures The OHS Act and the responsibilities of the Employer and the Employee in keeping the workplace a safe environment. The functioning of safety committees. The reporting of safety issues. Emergency procedures.
115195 Monitor fruit treatment process Chemical applications. Measuring of applications.
MRL’s. Documentation to be completed.
115176 Explain the cold chain process The importance of the cold chain. Effects of breakdown in cold chain. Shelf life of different fruits.
Working in cold stores. Monitoring temperature. Different cold transport. Controlled atmospheres.
115201 Receive fruit Entire process of fruit intakes. Taking samples. Documentation.
115197 Store fruit RA and CA storage. Preparing of cold stores. Correct storage procedures. Monitoring temperatures.
Handling breaks in the cold chain. Temperature regimes. Pick to pack protocols. FIFO system.
115193 Grade fruit The sorting processes. Specifications and defects. Different grades.
115178 Pack fruit The packing processes. Packer duties. Cleaning of packing line.
115180 Operate fruit sizing machine The function of the sizer. How the sizer works. Setting up the sizer. Daily maintenance and cleaning. Adjusting. The function of cameras, rollers and sizer cups. Monitoring process.
115179 Palettise fruit All the components to use. How to palletise to standard. Protocols.
115200 Dispatch final product PPECB inspections and export certificates. Protocols and temperature regimes. Relevant documentation. Picking of dispatch order. Working with containers.
115202 Operate fruit packing line machine Preparing the packing machine prior to start-up. Starting up, running, and stopping machine (incl. emergency stops). Adjusting speed of conveyors, etc.(line balancing). Recording machine downtime.