CORE 13356 Assess the influence of the environment on sustainable livestock production
116125 Apply crop protection and animal health products effectively and responsibly
116127 Apply layout principles for conservation and infrastructure
116126 Apply marketing principles in agriculture
116128 Apply plant manipulation methods
116121 Apply sustainable farming practices to conserve the ecological environment
116122 Control inputs and stock in agribusiness
116124 Control pests, diseases and weeds on all crops effectively and responsibly
116115 Define and understand production systems and production management
116119 Demonstrate an understanding of plant propagation
116113 Explain principles of human resources management and practices in agriculture
116111 Harvest agricultural crops: procedures
116081 Identify and recognise factors influencing agricultural enterprise selection
116083 Illustrate and understand the basic layout of financial statements
116079 Monitor the establishment of a crop
116077 Monitor water quality
116066 Operate and maintain specific irrigation systems
116070 Operate and support a food safety and quality management system in the agricultural supply chain
116053 Understand basic soil fertility and plant nutrition
116057 Understand the structure and functions of a plant
116060 Utilise and perform minor repair and maintenance tasks on implements, equipment and infrastructure
FUNDAMENTAL 8963 Access and use information from texts
9009 Apply basic knowledge of statistics and probability to influence the use of data and procedures in order to investigate life related problems
7480 Demonstrate understanding of rational and irrational numbers and number systems
8962 Maintain and adapt oral communication
12444 Measure, estimate and calculate physical quantities and explore, describe and represent geometrical relationships in 2-dimensions in different life or workplace contexts
116080 Monitor, collect and collate agricultural data
116064 Recognise and identify the basic functions of the ecological environment
8967 Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes
7469 Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal and community life
9007 Work with a range of patterns and functions and solve problems
8964 Write for a defined context
ELECTIVE 116109 Interpret and illustrate permaculture principles
116072 Perform routine operations and identify basic problems in hydroponic systems